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Holiday Gifts Part 1: Chocolate!


I was at the Local Craft Brewfest this past weekend (solid! - thanks for the ticket, Juliana) and Taza Chocolate had a booth. I forgot just how delicious they were AND how their chocolates make such an amazing gift, so I just had to blog about it.

What Taza was sampling at the fest was their gingerbread flavor (dark chocolate with gingerbread spice), which was SO good. They have other seasonal flavors on their website, like chocolate covered cranberries and spiked eggnog, but I haven’t had them so I can’t comment… but I’m sure they’re delicious. 

I am a big fan of their Chocolate Mexicano Discs (namely salted almond), their Stone Ground Bars (Coco Besos Coconut is ma fave), and their Chocolate Covered Treats (gimme almonds, cashews, & hazelnuts any day of the week). And I haven’t had em yet… but their Hot Chocolate Almonds by Q’s Nuts, Peanut Cocoa Butter, and Chocolate Fig Sunshine need to happen. Soon. 

And if you want to treat your friend (or yourself) to this magical wonderland, you can buy tickets to go on one of Taza’s chocolate tours. Of note: if your friend has a beard, they’ll be asked to wear a beard-net. It’s pretty rad. 


(picture above taken from the

I also wanted to give a shout out to EHChocolatier. If you want a great gift for a party host or for a friend this holiday season, EHC is the place to get chocolate that is both beautiful and yummy. 

I’ve only had chocolates from their standard boxes, but they have some stuff for the holidays and their bars/barks look great

They also have a Chocolate Club. Let me repeat that… they have a CHOCOLATE CLUB. 6 piece or 12 piece boxes that are shipped to your recipient’s house over the course of  3 to 6 months. Ah-mazing. 

Buy from both of them.

Support local, small businesses.

Make friends for life. 

Remember: there are no small parts, only small actors.

As I’ve been thinking about company culture, I’ve been dipping into other fields to see how they they operate. One of the environments I’m most drawn to, if you know me at all, is theatre - acting - dance. What I love is the focus on ensemble. Everyone working to make a masterpiece. Everyone pulling their weight. And in the very best shows, no matter how short a performer’s stage time is… they’re seen as essential, they still pack a punch, and they pull it out like they’re the star of the show. 

Today I watched the whole first season of city.ballet which is produced by Sarah Jessica Parker and takes an inside look at the New York City Ballet. The amount of discipline it takes, the amount of years they put in, the heartbreak over injury, the respect they have for each other. Man, I loved it. If you’re interested, city.ballet is an AOL Original series and all the episodes can be found here: (this is the one on the corp de ballet - embedded at the bottom)

And if you have Amazon Prime or want to rent/buy, here are all the Paley Center / PaleyFest interviews which I’ve also been watching: (I personally love the panels for Scrubs, The Mindy Project, Jimmy Fallon, Pushing Daisies, and the Colbert Report)

I’ve always been obsessed with these. One of my favorites is the Colbert Report. The writers talk about how most of them have an improv background, which has really helped them bond. There’s that rule of “yes and”. Basically, you can’t deny what your scene partner is doing. You accept what they say as truth and go with it. I think there’s really something to that when it comes to building a company. Not the agreeing with someone around everything they say… rather supporting them in their views and building off of them with constructive criticism instead of a flat out no. 

I dig it. 

29 versus 24

(L - R = Me at 29; Me at 24)

I took this photo recently and it reminded me of the last black and white photo I had as a profile picture. When I checked the date, it was taken when I was 24. 

My hair now is longer and blonder. My features are softer. The bags under my eyes are bigger. But somehow the life baggage is lighter.

Midway through 24 I stopped being angry at the world and I started to just go for it. I still partied a lot, but with people that I really cared about instead of people I thought I needed to hang around with for the million reasons I had made up in head (length of friendship, obligation, etc). I auditioned for plays and things I wanted to be involved in, building up my confidence to put myself out there. I started to volunteer more to get to know the city. I started poking around startups and beta testing. I played around with Twitter more and met folks offline. Basically, 24 was when I started to lay down the groundwork for everything I do today, from work to play. 

I’m still finding my way… but man, I’m in such a good place in life. And I’m stoked to be turning 30 in January.

But I’m not 30 yet. So here’s to rockin’ out my last couple months of 29. 



Today is the last day to order pies for Community Servings’ Pie in the Sky fundraiser! If I remember correctly, they’re looking to sell over 17,000 pies and raise over $600,000 (not the bake sales we had when we were growing up!). 150 bakers and caterers are baking as we speak (er, I type)!

Community Servings is one of my favorite non-profits in town. I first volunteered with them about 5 years ago. They not only prepare and deliver food for people homebound with critical illnesses (like AIDS, cancer, MS, etc), but they provide meals for their families too. Why? Because oftentimes, a caregiver within a household is the one that is sick and CS knows how important it is to feed an entire family. The food is also of amazing quality, too!

You’ve got til midnight tonight to buy a pie (apple, pecan, pumpkin, sweet potato, and no sugar added apple)!

Don’t live in Boston? You can still donate a pie to a client!

I’m good enough, I’m smart enough, and doggone it people like me

I met with a really great person today looking for work and when I asked why they hadn’t applied to some jobs they said, “well I don’t think I’m good enough.” 

Sttttttttooooppppp ittttttt. That reads stop it. Not stoop it, BTW. 

Can we please stop getting in our own way? There are so many other things and people that do that for us. Passion and enthusiasm are paramount. If you don’t currently have the skills for a job, whatever… apply anyway! Show the company that you’re hungry and willing to learn and that you share their beliefs. 

Life is too short to not go for what we want. 

Okay, enough with the quotes. If you still don’t believe me, just watch this every morning: